What is Clear Nexus?

Clear Nexus is an effective and lightweight software solution for small to medium-sized companies to easily comply with anti-spam laws when reaching out to potential and existing clients. Read this guide to learn how you can begin using Clear Nexus for free to manage your email unsubscribes.

1. Register an organization

First you have to click on the sign-up button and fill out the form. Once you have submitted the information, you will receive a verification email to activate the organization's account:

Once you have activated that account you can sign-in and explore your account menu:

2. Create a link for an organization

If you have signed in, you can click the new-link section in the navigation bar. Once you are there you can manually enter an email belonging to a future recipient of commercial emails:

Now that you have created a link, you wil be redirected to the mailing-page which will already contain a default mailing. A mailing is a way to relate a link to several descriptions for an unsubscription link. This way you will be able to track which kind of ubsubscription links you are appending in your emails and which click-events are related to them.

The first mailing for your link will be generated automatically and you can update its description by clicking on the pencil icon. Also you can copy and paste the unsubscription link belonging to that mailing by clicking on the clipboard button. The unsubscription link will have a form like the following one:


3. Create a mailing for an existing link

You can visualize all your links by clicking on the 'My Links' section. You can see all the mailings belonging to a link by clicking on the email and if you want to create a new mailing for it you can click on the envelope icon.

Once you have created your mailing you can verify that it has been added by clicking again on the email. A mailing is related to click-events which tell you if a user has clicked to unsubscription and subscription links. You can view those click-events by clicking on the list icon for a given mailing.

4. Invite new users to an organization

You can click on organization-members in your account menu in order to invite new users and modify their roles:

When you invite a new member a confirmation email will be sent to that person and as soon as it is confirmed you will have your new member added to your organization:

5. Chrome Extension

The manual work of copying and pasting an unsubscription link is a bit tedious. That's why we provide a Chrome extension that you can install here: Clear Nexus Chrome Extension

In order to use the extension first you have to create an access token, which you can find in the access-tokens section of your account menu:

When you have installed the Chrome extension you must provide your access token to the pop-up window that shows up when you click on the Clear Nexus logo:

The Clear Nexus Chrome extension will analyze the first email you enter in the Gmail's compose area and will either display an alert indicating that email belongs to an unsubscribed person, or will automatically paste the unsubscription link in your current mail. This unsubsciption link belongs to the most recently created mailing which is related to the email you are pasting in the Gmail's compose area.

This is the alert that will show up when email's owner has already unsubscribed from your organization:

The unsubscription link is automatically pasted when the email's owner has not unsubscribed: